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A Spring Boot configuration service, built on top of Netflix Archaius. The purpose of this service is to provide technical microservice configuration centrally managed across the whole application. Furthermore, this set of configuration files can be kept in separate project specific repositories to keep the configuration service project independent. It can be configured to push configuration changes directly out to the certain services and trigger a configuration reload without the need to restart the downstream service.

Build and Run Locally

The easiest way to run the configuration server locally is in native mode without pointing to an external Git repository. In this mode, the server tries to resolve all configuration files locally, either from classpath or a file location. The server could also be configured to fetch the configuration files at startup from a Git repository.

Build locally:

$ ./mvnw package
$ java \ \
-jar target/openwms-configuration-exec.jar

In this example the configuration server will look for configuration files in a directory named “myconf” within the current directory.

Git Repository:

$ ./mvnw package
$ java \
-jar target/openwms-configuration-exec.jar

Run as Docker Container

The configuration server is also available on Docker Hub as pre-built Docker image. Simply bootstrap a container and expose the internal port 8099 of the service:

docker run -p8099:8099 -d interface21/openwms-configuration:latest


A release and upload of this service can be done:

$ ./mvn release:prepare
$ ./mvn release:perform


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